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Consortium for Green Research and Technology Advancement 

Years for earth to form and 10-20 million years to develop its habitat and less than 400 years for humans to destroy it.

Average rate of Yearly Temperature Increase  (0.31°F) since 1970 (NOAA)


Of the US lakes in the U.S. are so severely polluted that fishing and swimming is not allowed. The aquatic life does not exist or is heavily damaged.


of total fresh water is available and less than 1% of the world’s water supply is drinking water.


Oceans hold highest percentage  of undrinkable water in the world.

Metric tons of E-Waste are disposed worldwide every year. 


US has 5% of the world population but produces 30% of the waste globally.

Times US loses topsoil faster than its being formed due to human and natural causes.

Navigating within the Complexity of Health Care Providers

Health Safety and Security


Preparing society to take a responsible role about:

The vital importance of preserving the Planet’s resources.


Converting to Green Manufacturing

Resetting the Output of Production

Adopting rational Consumption

Shifting to Green Consumer Products and Consumption.
Reducing Gas Emissions and Impacts of Urbanization.

Reversing contamination processes is crucial

Sustainable Agriculture is the solution

Moving Towards Sustainable Agriculture
Protecting the Vulnerabilities of Economically Challenged Communities

Marginalized Communities Deserve Progressive Solutions

Alternative Energy Sources provide Dependability

Pondering the long term Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energies

Reduce disposals is the next human challenge

Minimize Organic and Inorganic Waste

Our Top Priorities

These are our current concerns:


Identifying reliable and affordable treatments and right medications.

smart energy management

Energy, software and systems’ efficiency in the management of big data.


A disruptive perspective of global sustainable farming and regional innovations. 



The educational platforms we provide today are designed to satisfy tomorrow’s needs.