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Consortium for Green Research and Technology Advancement 

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What We Do

Climate Stabalization

Mitigate air pollution from urban developments and industrial production.

Renewable Energy

Develop green energy  to efficiently supply energy demands to data processing centers based on software optimization advancements.

Sustainable Farming

Balance agriculture and food engineering to mitigate health human impacts and environmental disposals.


Recovery and rationalization of fresh water for human consumption.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

CONGRATA bridges the connection between scientific research, industry, and society in environments where human impacts are significant.

We pursue green science and technology breakthroughs that can support societal economic growth and improve human health and well-being.

CONGRATA promotes early expert’s knowledge in multiple industry sectors: engineering, life sciences, communications, and environmental.

The future opportunities to play an important role in our economic sectors depends on our proactive involvement and constructive, collective, sustainable, and green contributions.

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Our Top Priorities

Here are listed the most recent subjects of our organization’s interest:

smart energy management

Energy, software and systems’ efficiency in the management of big data.


Understanding responsible health organization and timely medical solutions.

Global foresight

How would the global techno-economic leadership look like for the year 2050?

future of work

Predicting and preparing to sustain the jobs of the future.


 A disruptive perspective of global sustainable farming and regional innovations.

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